Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

Q: How soon will I receive my Undone Art Co. kit?
A: Our goal is to get your Undone kit to your door as soon as possible! We are committed to shipping each kit within 5 days from the order confirmation. We are also proud to offer free shipping through USPS, which is often a 2-day priority mail shipping time.

Q: Can I get a rush shipment?
A: If you have an expedited shipping need, send us a message here and we’ll work with you individually to get you the kit when you need it.

Q: Can I track my order status?
A: Yes! You’ll get an order confirmation email from us upon purchasing, and a shipping confirmation email once your kit is out the door. Follow the tracking number in your shipping confirmation email to get an estimated delivery date!

Q: Is there a discount for bulk orders?
A: You bet! Our kits are perfect for group events. Use code PARTY at check out for 15% off your total order of 5 kits or more.

Q: Do you sell gift certificates?
A: Sure do! Shop them here.

Q: What do I do if I’m missing any items in my kit?
A: We pride ourselves on our quality control process for each and every kit that goes out the door. However, if you have any missing or damaged items, send us a message here and we’ll get you everything you need to complete your Undone art kit!

Q: What is your return policy?
A: Check out our return policy here.

Q: Where do all your awesome designs come from?
A: All of our designs are original and created specifically for Undone Art Co. by one of our founders! If you have design ideas for future releases, send us a DM on Instagram @undoneartco or message us here.

Q: When will you be releasing new designs?
A: Following our launch collection of Sequoyah, Jackson, and Kingston, we are so excited to continue releasing new designs regularly. We would love to hear about the art styles that you are drawn to for future collections!

Q: How do I hang my beautiful new art?
A: Very easily! We’ve pre-installed a sawtooth hanging kit on the back of the canvas so all you need is a nail or hook in the wall to hang your new show piece.

Q: How do I get in touch if I have more questions (or want to show you some love!)?
A: Let’s chat! Send us a message here and we’ll get back to you soon! Or, follow us on social media @undoneartco to keep up with team Undone.

Painting FAQ

Q: How should I be using water while painting?
A: We recommend using water to clean your brush in between colors and starting each new color with a slightly damp brush. But be careful not to overdo it. Too much water will dilute the pigment of the paint, making your colors too thin and blotchy.

Q: How many layers of paint are needed?
A: We recommend 2-3 thin layers. Darker colors will require less, while lighter colors will need more. We also recommend painting the sides of the canvas for a more finished look.

Q: How do you get crisp, straight lines?
A: Use the flat edge of your brush to paint straight lines. Start by barely dipping your brush into the paint, line the edge of the brush bristles up parallel with the line, make contact with the canvas, then feather out the paint towards the inside of the shape. Continue this process until the line is straight and the inside space is filled. Take your time and touch up at the end!
Also - rest your painting hand on the canvas to stabilize any shakiness! If you are right handed like us, we find it easiest to rest our hand to the right of the line we are painting and just swivel the canvas around as you go. If you're a leftie, do the same on the left side. You know the drill.

Q: I made a mistake and painted outside the lines, now what?
A: Don’t worry! Happens to us all the time. Let the paint dry, then paint over top the mistake with the correct color. The acrylic paint we use can easily be layered for touch ups. Sometimes what we consider mistakes are what create unique style, so don’t be afraid of painting outside the lines!
Q: What do I do with the paint by number outline?
A: Paint over it! The design outlines and numbers are meant to be covered. The edges of each paint color should eventually bump up against each other seamlessly so that your finished product does not show any of the outline underneath.
Q: How long will my paint stay fresh?
A: For best results, plan to create your masterpiece within 45 days of receiving your kit to ensure paint freshness. If you find your paint is drying out, add warm water one drop at a time to the paint pot and stir.